Rashtrapati Bhavan : 03.11.2023
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At the outset, I congratulate you for your selection in the Military Engineer service. This prestigious service gives you an opportunity to serve our armed forces and the country through excellence in the field of engineering. Your presence here signifies your commitment and dedication to the development of the country.

I am told that officers present here today belong to Indian Defence Service of Engineers, Architect cadre and Surveyor cadre of MES. As we know, MES is a premier construction department which provides dedicated engineering support to the Defence forces enhancing their operational preparedness. MES carries out construction activities for residential and technical office buildings, hospitals, roads, runways and marine structures across the country including the border areas. Construction sector is quite dynamic and you have to keep yourself abreast of the latest technologies for giving your best in this field.

Dear officers,

You are going to be part of the workforce of this important organisation as an engineer. The role of an engineer is not just limited to calculations, designing and construction. It is much broader and includes connecting communities, realising the dreams, and shaping the future. Young officers like you, hold in your hands the power to create the physical infrastructure that is robust and sustainable.

As young officers who have just entered the service, you must be well-aware of the environmental challenges and issues of climate change. It is your duty to design and construct such structures which are eco-friendly, sustainable and promote the increased use of renewable energy. Green engineering is the need of the hour. I am happy to note that MES is contributing in reduction of national carbon footprints by adopting various measures. MES is ensuring construction of GRIHA rating compliant structures and has set up solar power plants. I am confident that the young officers present here today will give a further push to these efforts by bringing in new ideas, new energy and a lot of enthusiasm.

Dear probationers

A long career lies ahead for you. Today, I would like to urge you all to work with sincerity, integrity, and perseverance. These virtues will help you in your pursuit of excellence. You should always strive for the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovation. Your projects must stand as testaments to your dedication and commitment. I appreciate that MES has revised its ‘Scales of Accommodation” and “Defence Works Procedure” for achieving higher standards of quality, user satisfaction and safety in their projects.

The use of latest and advanced technologies is very important in all fields especially the field of engineering. Today, the construction industry is undergoing transformation through research and innovation in areas such as 3D, using sustainable materials and building smart infrastructure. You should be at the forefront of these dynamic developments, and ensure that your work also reflects the latest advancements. I am happy to learn that MES is using cutting- edge construction technology in its projects.

The field of engineering is ever-evolving, with new technologies and methods emerging at an astonishing pace. You need to be adaptive and ready to embrace change. At a time when our country is setting new benchmarks in various areas at global level, you should be proud that you are part of a service that is committed to serve the country and its armed forces and is adapting itself to the changes happening at national and global stage. Dear officers, you are privileged to have got an opportunity to provide service and support to the valiant soldiers who are always ready to lay down lives for the motherland.

Dear officers,

I shared this earlier with your senior batch of officers and reiterate today the need for higher number of women officers in MES. We have seen an increase in participation of women in Armed Forces. Women are taking up challenging assignments and delivering impressive performance in all fields. I hope that in the coming years, more women would join Military Engineer Services also. In the end, I convey my best wishes to you for a bright future.

Thank you,    
Jai Hind!    
Jai Bharat!

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