Rashtrapati Bhavan : 28.03.2024
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Dear Assistant Executive Engineers,

At the outset, I congratulate all the young and bright engineers present here, for clearing the Engineering Services Examinations. I am told that this group has a mix of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers who shall be responsible for managing infrastructure projects and key technical functions for the Central Public Works Department.

The Central Public Works Department has a rich legacy and history of almost 170 years. It has executed projects in difficult and demanding geographical and climatic conditions. Now you are a part of this legacy and history, which puts on you a tremendous responsibility to prove true to the challenging role ahead. I hope that you all will fulfil your duties with utmost sincerity, professionalism and the highest degree of integrity.

I understand that most of the engineers among you have graduated from IITs, NITs and other reputed institutions across the country. I look forward to all of you contributing towards development of the country. You will be working on major infrastructure projects of the country.

I call upon each of you to practice engineering with a social conscience. It is your duty to ensure that the public infrastructure which you design-be it offices, residences or roads – should be accessible to differently-abled citizens and senior citizens. This aspect should become integral to the planning and implementation of projects.

Dear Engineers,

I would like to leave a point to ponder for the decision-makers. I have been told that this service has been attracting extremely few women candidates. This year there is nil representation. In the context of the national approach of women-led development and looking at rising number of women in almost all fields, the composition of the group is a surprise. An enquiry into reasons for such a situation may open up avenues for change.

Dear Engineers,

As young engineers, you are aware of the threats of climate change and global warming and the consequent need to adopt energy-efficient solutions. Buildings, roads and other infrastructure that you create should be sustainable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly. You should be innovative in your approach so that you can effectively deal with emerging challenges. In the age of 3D printing, building technology has undergone a sea change. Infrastructure and construction projects can now be made climate-compatible and energy-efficient. You should learn and adopt new technologies and materials in the projects that you undertake. Green construction is the need of the hour. Innovative methods of construction have the potential to transform this sector. By creating designs with precision, you can break the boundaries of conventional construction. You not only have to accelerate the construction process but also ensure the minimization of waste through optimum resource utilisation.

Dear Engineers,

I urge you all to not work in silos but adopt a collaborative, forward-looking and technology-driven approach. New and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robots, drones etc. are disrupting traditional thinking. However, these can be used to increase and improve efficiency, automate and optimize processes, increase productivity, and improve resource management. I urge you to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to creating a better, greener and more sustainable future.

I wish you a bright future and a fulfilling career.

Thank you!  
Jai Hind!  
Jai Bharat!

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