Rashtrapati Bhavan : 18.03.2024
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Dear officers,

I congratulate each one of you for your promotion and induction into Indian Administrative Service. As IAS officers, your job acquires all-India dimensions and demands a much higher degree of responsibility.

I am told that you all are working at senior levels in state governments. Also, I understand that many of you have completed over 20 years of service. That means you must be well-versed with the governance systems and their challenges. Each of you would have made important contribution to the development of your state and people. You are at a position where you can be an inspiration to others. Each step that you take, can motivate those around you to give their best for the progress of the department or the organisation. 

Dear officers,

As IAS officers, you are required to develop an All-India perspective on administrative functioning and the policies and programmes of the Government. I am told that the induction training seeks to re-orient you and impart you the domain knowledge of latest developments in governance. It equips you with latest tools of information and communication technology and management skills that are vital to your effective performance. I am happy to note that your training programme is designed keeping in mind the broad concepts and objectives of Mission Karmayogi. This will help you to align yourself with national goals and move ahead in the right direction.

The nation is moving forward with the determination to realise the vision of Viksit Bharat by 2047. Your style of functioning and the decisions that you take will play a significant role in the development of the country. In last 20 years or so, the world around us has undergone a huge transformation. These days, tech-enabled and aware citizens track the delivery of every service being provided - whether public or private. These are the days of FAQs, that is Frequently Asked Questions. Service providers proactively answer the queries and try their best to satisfy the customers. You must adapt to this changing world of digital governance and enhance your capabilities accordingly. You must make use of the latest technologies such as AI, blockchain and big data analytics for an efficient and smart administration.

This is the time when collaboration and convergence are the need of the hour. Collaboration among various stakeholders at the organisational, state, national and international level is necessary for obtaining the desired results in shorter time periods. Similarly, convergence of new ideas and new technologies with rich and varied experiences can bring such impactful changes that one cannot even imagine.

I would like to share two more important keywords that you should always keep in mind when you undertake any developmental work - these are sustainability and inclusiveness. With the world facing the threats of global warming and climate change, it is essential that you take innovative measures to adopt eco-friendly practices and promote sustainability. Inclusiveness is another major aspect of development which means encouraging participation and ensuring progress of all including the underprivileged and marginalised sections. 

In addition to the work that you have been doing all these years, if all the officers present here today remember these keywords, while planning and implementing your projects, I am sure that you will able to make transformative impact on the lives of people.

I wish you all a bright future and fulfilling career!

Thank you! 
Jai Hind! 
Jai Bharat! 

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