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Marble Hall Museum

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Benjamin Disraeli, E.N. Downard, Oil on Canvas, 4'1"x 3'0.5"

Benjamin Disraeli, E.N. Downard, Oil on Canvas, 4'1"x 3'0.5"

Location: Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Ph-II

Benjamin Disraeli was born in 1804. He served the Empire in various capacities as a parliamentarian, Conservative Party statesman and a literary figure apart from being a high ranking British official in India. He was elected twice as Prime Minister of Great Britain and played a core role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party. 1876 saw him becoming the Earl of Beaconsfield and move to the House of Lords after his association of forty years with the House of Commons.

With his face turned three – quarters and arms folded across the chest, Benjamin Disraeli is represented standing in an authoritative stance. His diminutive moustache attributes attention to the thin lips, painted in red, leading towards his beard. He is dressed in a black frock coat, high collared shirt and a black necktie. On a low table painted in red before him, are seen open papers with a quill pen atop them.

Ebeneezer Newman Downard was a British artist. Born in 1829, he was established as a landscape painter who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1849 and 1889. In his use of meticulous detail, some of his landscapes show the influence of the Pre-Raphaelite painters, in particular William Holman Hunt.

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