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Bhutan or Sikkim Chief, Oil on Canvas, 4’1”x 3’3.1/2”

Bhutan or Sikkim Chief, Oil on Canvas, 4’1”x 3’3.1/2”

Location: Long Drawing Room

Dressed in a long robe with vertical stripes in red and black, this portrait of a chief from Bhutan or Sikkim defines western academic sensibilities. With his frontal form in a three quarter view forming the foreground, lush green trees and a hazy sky define the background.

His right hand rests on his waistband while the left hand holds the side of his robe across the chest. The look of the observer is directed towards his white handkerchief worn around the neck, leading on to the white sleeve which shows its appearance on the left wrist.

Following the conventional attributes of a Sikkim or a Bhutanese chief, a large knife rests towards his left side hanging along the waistband. A square ornament with figures carved in silver also makes a strong appearance along with the knife on his waistband. His small eyes in a defined rendition are directed towards the spectator. A broad nose with red lips and a moustache atop them represent dexterous line work of the artist. His hair appears to be uncombed and flow wildly amidst the serene landscape. His fur cap in hues of red and brown reveal that the portrait is of a chief from the Himalayan region.


The research and compilation of the E- Catalogue has been realised by Shri VenuRajamony- Press Secretary to the President of India and Ruchi Kumar- Research Associate.
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