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Portraits of British Royalty, Viceroys & Vicereines

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Empress Victoria, 1862, George Hayter, Oil on Canvas, 9'6"x 6'6"

Empress Victoria, 1862, George Hayter, Oil on Canvas, 9'6"x 6'6"

Location: Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Ph-II

Seated on a lion throne, eighteen year old Queen Victoria (1819-1901) exudes a regal presence. She was born in 1819. She was the only daughter of King Edward, Duke of Kent and became heir to the throne after his demise.

The composition is conceived within a circular canopy with velvet and gold embroideries. Golden streaks of her extravagant gown complements her glorious coronation robes. Detailed rose motifs in gold can be seen throughout the drape. An octagonal step cut sapphire coronation ring and Imperial state crown with blue velvet cap are her embodiments. Empress Victoria looks benignly towards the scepter (cross) held in her right hand. With blue and gold velvet robe atop her neckline and flared lace sleeves, the torso is tightly held within the drape. Her feet rest on a yellow cushion placed on a green dais. Lion paws can be seen in the foreground with rose flowers atop these, knotted with golden rope. Soaked in hues of red and gold, the Royal Coat of Arms in background conveys excellence.

George Hayter was an English painter who specialised in portraits. With initial training from his father, he went to Royal Academy in 1808. Queen Victoria appointed him as the principal Painter, bestowing him with knighthood in 1841.

The research and compilation of the E- Catalogue has been realised by Shri VenuRajamony- Press Secretary to the President of India and Ruchi Kumar- Research Associate.
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