Former President of India : R. Venkataraman

Ramasamy Venkataraman, widely known as R. Venkataraman, served as the eighth President of India from July 25, 1987, to July 25, 1992. Born on December 4, 1910, in Rajamadam, Tamil Nadu, Venkataraman made significant contributions to Indian politics and constitutional law during his illustrious career.

Venkataraman completed his bachelor's degree in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai, and later received his law degree from the Law College, Chennai. He then started his legal practice in the Madras High Court in 1935 and later in the Supreme Court.

Before entering politics, Venkataraman was a part of the Indian freedom struggle. He was an active participant in the Quit India Movement of 1942 and was detained for two years for his activities.

After India gained independence, Venkataraman's political career began in earnest. He was elected four times to the Lok Sabha, India's lower house of parliament, and served in various ministerial roles, including as Minister of Defence and Minister of Finance, under the cabinets of Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Venkataraman served as the Vice President of India from 1984 until 1987, after which he was elected as the President of India. His term as president was characterized by his legal acumen and keen understanding of constitutional law, traits that served him well in his role as the constitutional head of state.

Throughout his career, Venkataraman maintained a deep commitment to public service and democratic values. He was known for his simplicity, integrity, and dedication to the principles of justice and equality.

R. Venkataraman passed away on January 27, 2009. His legacy of service, intellectual rigor, and principled leadership continues to inspire.