Former President of India : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy served as the sixth President of India from July 25, 1977, to July 25, 1982. Born on May 19, 1913, in Illur, Andhra Pradesh, Reddy was a stalwart of Indian politics and a strong advocate for the development of his home state.

Reddy received his early education in Theosophical High School, Madanapalle, and completed his education from the Arts College at Anantapur. His political consciousness began to bloom during his college years, and he was deeply involved in India's freedom struggle. He was twice incarcerated for participating in popular movements against British rule.

Post-independence, Reddy became a significant political figure in Andhra Pradesh. He served as the Minister of Prohibition, Housing, and Forests in the Composite Madras State before becoming the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

Reddy served two non-consecutive terms as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, during which he implemented various development initiatives, particularly in the areas of agriculture and irrigation. His tenure was marked by administrative efficiency and a focus on grassroots development.

Nationally, Reddy played a significant role as a Member of Parliament. He was elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha twice, where he was lauded for maintaining the decorum and dignity of the House and championing the cause of federalism.

Reddy was elected as the President of India in 1977. Notably, he was the first person to be elected to this high office unopposed. His presidency was marked by his commitment to the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution and his dedication to national unity.

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy passed away on June 1, 1996. His legacy as a tireless public servant and his commitment to India's development continue to inspire many.